The Outing Club


William Ethan

2011 Schedule





The Outing Club is a private series of educational and explorational gatherings, focused on the pursuit of expanding horizons and indelible moments. It is an intimate journey of kindred spirits, curious to explore the profound and delicate wonders of the humanities and sensorial arts.

The Outing Club offers an intimate and inviting space for the collective audience to listen to and engage with field specialists and the vast insight and expertise that they so furnish. Through a guided series of lectures, exhibitions, tastings, and performances, the Gathering Club offers its humble stage to guest Professors, Chefs, Wine Makers, Musicians, Artists, and Distinguished Field Specialists. The wonderful road of discovery and camaraderie lies ahead. I invite you to the Outing.

William Ethan
Phone: (646) 919-6852 - Address: 649 Morgan Ave, #3b - Brooklyn, NY 11222