Roche Mere



William Ethan




Shrouded in equal part mystery and magic, the whisper of Burgundy has spellbound its courtiers throughout history including the likes of Charlemagne, Thomas Jefferson, and Napoleon. A region which baffles seasoned sommeliers, Burgundy is never mastered, but rather peels back infinite layers, revealing the underpinnings of one of the most complex and charismatic wine regions of France.

Roche Mére wine school is an intimate and hands on educational tour de force through the ethereal wines and majestic "climates" of this wondrous viticultural region. This in situ educational-exploration provides each participant with the unique opportunity to taste, see, and touch the vineyards in an up close and personal manner. To truly grasp the majesty of Burgundian viticulture and all that it entails, I invite you to join me at the heart of its greatness.
- William Ethan
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