Roche Mere



William Ethan




Owing its origins to the Romans, its evolution to medieval monks, and its apogee to modern day masters, the history of the vine in Burgundy has been one of toilsome refinement. The poetry of today's wine makers rests upon the unique soil and stones of the region, whose dedicated keepers have striven to express the unique nuances and vinous expressions of their land for the past millennium.

It is here in Burgundy that the regions' ancient fore-fathers discovered and evolved the concept of terroir; the unique personality or story expressed by a single vineyard, derived from its unique and complex sub soils called its Roche Mére, or "Mother Stone".

People come with their own inherent personalities; sexy, racy, dull, and sometimes quite elegant. Burgundian wines follow suit, bearing the direct spirit of their specific personal identity, their unique subsoil compositions, their soul for that matter...their Roche Mére.

I invite you to come and taste, listen to, and learn the vast and varied testimonies of Burgundian viticulture.
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