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"The experiences that you are creating for people here are life changing and that is something that you should cherish. You are doing more with your life with this single adventure, in these few weeks, than most people do in a lifetime. Thank you for putting this together, thank you for taking such great care of us, thank you for making a memory in my life and in my Love's life that will be with us forever"

"I am so sorry that this trip has come to an end - it has truly been one of the most wonderful, peaceful, thought-provoking five days of my life. At our last dinner together we all described our favorite moments and experiences, and for me there are really too many to describe. I'm truly amazed by how well you crafted the trip - each day had its own surprises, that complemented and balanced each other so well, and the days themselves contrasted with each other in such a wonderful way. It is inspiring how you have crafted all these experiences with incredible detail, but also with care and love, and a real tenderness toward each guest, thinking about what would please them. Thank you for sharing all of this with me, and I hope all of your dreams come true"

"Merci Beaucoup (Doomo Arigato). What a fabulous five days! Words can't really do it all justice...the amazing wines, the beautiful golden leaves of the Autumn Burgundian countryside, the delicious cuisine, and all the treasures you introduced to us along the way. Thank you for sharing it all in such an eloquent and artful way. You have truly mastered the art of "revealing" and unfolding the secrets of a special place in such a way that your guests have a smile on their lips ready to break through. I will never forget this trip and look forward to more adventures with you in the future. I'm a believer. Thank you for the wonderful journey!"

"Ethan- the magician of Burgundy! I could not have anticipated the pleasures, the serenity, and the sheer beauty of this place. And you emanated such peace that we never felt any stress from the effort at organizing and transporting us. Thank you for showing us unforgettable vistas and villages, helping us learn how to read a Burgundy wine label, inviting us to experience the spirituality as well as the sensuality of the sites, and sharing your love of this land. We are in your debt for a phenomenal week. It will stay with me for a long time"

"There are many words to describe the past five days: amazing, glorious, beautiful, warm, cold, crisp, autumn, delicious, laughter-filled, kind, decadent, spiritual, touching, new friendships; the list could fill the page. You opened up some of your most dear places to us. You trusted us with the heart of your love of Burgundy. It was well loved and appreciated, thank you. This was a soul quenching oasis after a very arid period...merci!"

"For years I have been saying, "I am one with the universe", a 1968 and 70ish thing to say. During this journey I actually felt a witness to God's creation and one evening, by myself- looking at the stars outside the farmhouse, I was enveloped by that reality. You have a calling at this stage of your life, stay true. My hope is you didn't just cross my path, but will continue to share in it. My time spent in Burgundy with you was like a story-book coming alive!"

"This is something I've always wanted to do. Everything was just how I always thought it could be. The sights, the wine, the company... It was beyond anything I could dream"

"What an experience you have created here! I think we all knew that we'd be exploring the countryside, drinking incredible wines, and eating some amazing food; but who could have known how special and unforgettable your creation would be? We can all see the heart and soul you have put into every minute detail. Many memories have been made that will stick with me forever"

"What a fantastic adventure we have had with you in Burgundy! Thank you so very much for a trip that ranks right at the very top of our many trips. We have discovered a part of the world that is truly beautiful, and, we did this in a way that few other visitors to Burgundy could have experienced"

"Experiences with William Ethan is truly a one of a kind exploration into the unique beauties of Burgundy. Ethan's knowledge and expertise of the wine, food and geography of the region heightens your every sense as you explore the beauty and magic of this magnificent area. Immerse yourself in the wonders of an unknown land, new knowledge and, of course, wine. For those that live to experience a foreign culture as a true local, this is a journey not to be missed"

"The last five days have been so amazing; the wine, the vistas, the food, have all just been ridiculous! It was so nice to not have to think or worry about anything and we all knew we were in great hands. I hope us stopping for photos didn't break your flow too much, but there were so many amazing things that needed to be captured. I can't wait to hear about what is next and partake in the adventure! Thanks for making us feel like family here in France"

"Ethan, I can't even tell you what a wonderful trip this was. As someone who never had much interest in the "guided tour/ all inclusive trip" I would normally have been skeptical of such a journey but I had total faith you would do an amazing job and, even with that, you exceeded my expectations. To have someone so passionate and knowledgeable about Burgundy made this a truly magical place. You took us out of the tourist realm and made us feel like insiders. From Hidden views, adorable cafes, and the ultimate picnic spots, everything was thoughtfully planned. When we had requests, you handled them all with grace. I think we all feel deprived of nothing but rather, inspired with a passion that will always have us wanting more. Many thanks for this inspiring and unforgettable journey"

"My experience with William Ethan was not what I expected.  I expected an experience similar to other wine regions.  What I got was an experience that far surpassed my expectations.  An experience that combined the rustic, old world pace and simplicity of the French countryside with gourmet food, excellent wines, and an insiders view of a world most do not ever get a chance to see. My experience with William Ethan brought to life what goes into the wines of Burgundy.  It is not simply the grapes from a beautiful region.  It is the people working the land, the history, the tradition of generations of wine makers, the spirit of the land, the richness of the soil, the cool mornings, the peaceful starlit nights that keep watch over the vines.  Similar to witnessing the majesty of a perfect sunrise, it is not something that can be justly explained.  It is something that must be experienced"   

"This has been an incredible trip, and as I said, I am smiling inside and out. You are truly cerebral with a great vision. Thank you for a great experience"

"Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks for sharing your passion and love of Burgundy with me and my girls. You are an incredible young man and I wish you the best life can offer"

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