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William Ethan

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"It never has, and I suspect never will, ceased to amaze me how I never grow tired of traveling, as far as seems possible, in any direction with you. Whatís more wonderful is the consistent lack of end in sight and the consistent birth of freshness to the travels!"
Colin K.

"Ethan, thank you- you have given me much to savor. Your "journey" was extraordinary for me, and like a fine wine it has touched me on so many levels"
John L.

"Ethan, consider me a permanent passenger on your journeys and adventures"
Denis K.

"What a remarkable evening. Definitely one of the most special experiences Iíve had. You are so talented and it was a real treat to absorb your knowledge and passion. Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of it"
Annie S.

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful evening. SO Special. Reminds me of what Andre Agassi once said, "The Journey is the Reward". So right, so meaningful"
Christina D.

"Ethan, thank you for taking me to another level"
Sarah O.

"Wonderful virtuoso performance! I expected nothing less. Looking forward to more events, experiences, and great moments along the journey"
Jared G.

"Thank you for this amazing experience. For passing on your passions with so much warmth and honestyÖitís quite overwhelming"
Naz M.

"This experience was fantastic! You said that this was your lifeís passion, and that is evident. This was educational, entertaining, and delicious. I look forward to the next one"
Luke W.

"Impressive Knowledge, excellent presentation and extremely educational. Love it!"
Stan H.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening! I learned so much and had a wonderful time. I think you should be a professor"
Molly R.
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