The Outing Club


William Ethan

2011 Schedule





The Outing Club finds its roots in the tradition of the Junto; a group of persons joined in a common purpose. The Club offers a unique space aimed at cultivating the inquiring mind, fostering a devotion to mutual improvement, and is "Conducted in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth"
- Benjamin Franklin 1727

The schedule of offerings per year is created in order to stimulate one's mind and titillate one's inner being. The Outing Club strives to create an experiential environment, which sets a warm tone and inviting atmosphere to receive and perceive the wonders before you.

The path towards unique discoveries and magical moments awaits you. Your company and curiosity are eagerly anticipated.
Phone: (646) 919-6852 - Address: 649 Morgan Ave, #3b - Brooklyn, NY 11222