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William Ethan





South of Champagne, East of the Loire River, West of the Jura Mountains, and North of the Rhone Valley, the region of Burgundy lies on the left chest of a torso shaped country...a peculiar location...the heart of France.

Come and walk the picturesque vineyards and be tutored in tasting the expressions of Burgundian wine from Chambolle-Musigny "Les Amoreuses" to Saint-Aubin "Les Chateniere". Smell the enticing and wild aromas as we peruse the open-air markets, searching for the ripest epoisses cheese and freshest ingredients to lay at our elegant picnics. Twist and turn through classical French countryside, while we discover the hidden back roads and arrive at forgotten villages and small hamlets of alluring charm. Take wonder within the spellbinding structures of Autun Cathedral and Vezelay basilica; marvel at Giselbertus' Last Judgment tympanum, and pay homage as we descend into the reliquary crypt of Mary Madeleine. Speak and taste with the local wine makers to understand their philosophies and techniques. Be welcomed at sumptuous meals and take pleasure in harmonious gastronomic offerings.

This is but a snapshot of Experiential Artistry in Burgundy. I invite you to know it fully...
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