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Shrouded in equal parts of mystery and magic, Burgundy holds her vast and regal treasures behind an ethereal veil of humility and dignified grace. Listen carefully to her soft-spoken eloquence, whispered through her inspiring wines, enchanting art, and bucolic landscapes, and she will reveal the finesse and sophistication of one of the most captivating and impassioned regions of France

Owing its origins to the Romans, its evolution to medieval monks, and its apogee to modern day masters, the history of the vine in Burgundy has been one of toilsome refinement. The poetry of today's wine makers rests upon the unique soil and stones of the region, whose dedicated keepers have striven to express the unique nuances and vinous expressions of their land for the past millennium.

The vines of Burgundy stand as witness to the storied past of its artistic grandeur and cultural greatness. From Vézelay to Autun, to Cluny, the narrative of this region unfolds to the viewer in architectural and artistic prose, fashioned from the region’s resources and stone.

It is here in Burgundy that the wines, art, and magnificent history, spring from the same unique terroir to tell a tale. Come and taste, touch, and witness the magic of this spellbinding land.
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